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In my opinion, the way for an artist be they photographer, sculptor, or painter, to create a portrait that reflects the essence of the sitter's personality the subject must be relaxed and comfortable. A rapport has to be established with the model that creates a relaxed, comfortable environment. The only way I know how to do that is by talking to the model. Positive feedback works wonders.
The same goes for creating a nude portrait. Yes, I consider shoot a nude subject exactly the same as shooting them clothed. You may notice that some of the portraits displayed here are of models I was working with to create nude portraits. In some cases the image was cropped from a nude portrait.
Children at Atlanta FountainAmandaAmanda 2Cuban girls on stairsKatDaria distortionDaria in BlackDaria with FlowerDaria in MauveDariaDaria in TreeI'd Rather be ElsewherIonaIves PosterIona 2Julie with HatKaren with hatKarenLindsay in WhitePeek a Boo