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There are photos on this website that are repeated in more than one gallery. The reason is simple, the image fits more than one subject. At the same time there are images represented only once that could reasonably been placed in a different gallery. I encourage you to browse through all the galleries and decide for yourselves if an image would fit better in a different category. By all means, share your thoughts with me, maybe I'll take your advice.
Also, there are images that are not as good as I might like. They are included for the benefit of friends or relatives who were with me at the time the picture4 was taken. Your indulgence is appreciated.
Zabriski PointHarvest at Black Walnut InnPebble BeachMuir Woods BrookDundee VinyardKyoto GardenBamboo ForestSunrise on White MountainSouth China SeaNear BanffApproaching a WaterfallCanadian Rockies StreamThe Grand TetonsArtist's Point YellowstoneYellowstone PoolYellowstone MineralsBones at Point Reyes, CAJapanese ShrineTunnel View in YosemiteWillamette Valley Storm